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Posted 1 month ago 1 note REBLOGInteresting read. Wasn’t sure I really believed in #TheTools when first introduced to them, but the ending really hit me. Some good & thoughtful ideas. “We did not write this book for consumers to digest and eliminate like fast food.” #PhilStutz #BarryMichels #SelfHelpBooks #NonFiction #NonFictionCP #SummerReadingCP

Why do I long for you?

Why does my heart skip a beat when I feel close to you?

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Annyeong ;) I wanna ask a question.. when was the first time you saw Son..? Sorry if it's annoying.. I just wanna know.. hihi Anyway, nice blog :) fighting~ XOXO hunhanexo


Anyeong! I never saw him in person before! But the first match I saw him in was against Russia :)

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